Side Hustles That Actually Work For Men Over 45

Side Hustles that Actually Work For Men Over 45

Are you tired of working all the hours but not getting paid what you actually deserve? If you actually calculated all the hours you put in, your hourly rate is actually less than the team that works for you. You’re management, you can't claim the overtime, which will give you that lovely designer watch that you really want. If that's you, then stick around and I can show you how you can make more money than overtime will ever pay you using some side hustles that you probably haven't heard of, but will make you slicker than Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

Affiliate marketing

There's a side hustle that's not so well known, but it is great for men like you in their mid 40s and over.  Affiliate marketing is where you earn a percentage commission on products and services that finally provides you with a genuine side income that you're after. With affiliate marketing, you don't have the problem of spending out on stock and services, which means you can get started without having to spend money you haven't got. And without the risk of holding stock that you can't sell, you don't have the worry of shipping to customers or dealing with the returns. This means you can just relax and think about where you're going to spend those commission payments. With affiliate marketing, you'll first typically start promoting something that you already have and love, maybe golf shoes, or golf clothes, share that love with others, and those that want to have them as well you just give them your affiliate link. That's where the magic happens. And that's where you can get some serious income seriously quickly.

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Print On Demand

The next two side hustles I'm going to talk to you about are going to blow your way they are so simple, you won't believe how easy it is to do. So the next great side hustle that creates great income is print on demand. Sell your own merchandise, write your own checks, no stock, no going out to find suppliers because it's on-demand, you can cover orders of 110 100 1000 10,000. And it won't matter. Yes on demand. print on demand means there's no worries about having to stock different sizes. Small, medium, large XL, you're all covered makes no difference. Again, like affiliate marketing, you don't have to worry about shipping to customers or dealing with returns. So you can just focus on what you want to spend your money on. With print on demand, you can find and create your own branded products from t-shirts to flip flops, or thongs to backpacks mobile or cell phone covers, you set the price so you know the income you're gonna receive.

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Online Courses

Finally, here's one of the hottest side hustles around today. And it is particularly good for men in their mid-40s, particularly in management positions. Now, this side hustle costs a little bit of time. But once you're finished, it can pay you over and over and over again, it really is a do it once get paid forever. Creating your own online course is becoming huge and you can easily end up paying for that lovely holiday in the sun, you've been promising yourself.  Take what you're doing now or part of it and create a course teaching people how to do the same, you probably have a training manual you already give to new members of staff or new members of your team.  Take some of that information, shoot video on your smartphone, create some PDF, little course books that students can easily download and you have an online course up and running in no time at all.


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