5 Points To Consider When Choosing Between Affiliate Marketing V’s Currency Trading

5 Points To Consider When Choosing Between Affiliate Marketing V's Currency Trading.


Are you sick of leaving your wife and kids every day to go to a job where you feel undervalued and demotivated?  When you actually dream of working for yourself where you control your time and can spend it with those you love.

You're probably worried about how you would pay the mortgage and provide for your family if you didn't have that monthly paycheck to keep you afloat.  And you probably realise the everyone's job is getting more insecure by the day and you’re thinking you're trapped with no way out.   You're probably thinking are there truly viable ways of replacing your income and can you really make it work for you? And that's got you in a frustrating trap of fear?   If that's you, then stick around for a few moments and I will show you how you can break free of your boss, using a couple of very effective side hustles that you've probably never considered before.

Affiliate Marketing and Currency Trading are two of the most popular side hustles around today and they are both really good for guys over 45 and if you get it right then both can be really profitable and scalable, which means the dream of generating a second income so you can leave your job and be a hero to your kids suddenly becomes a reality.  But here's the thing, they both have their advantages and disadvantages so let's take a look at which would be best to start.

FLEXIBILITY & EASE OF OPERATION: A lot of affiliate marketing you can set and forget so you don't have to monitor it by the second continually. However, you need to spend some time creating content and getting traffic or visitors to your website or channel and ranking your content in search engines to get it seen.  Trading in forex requires meticulous monitoring and keen attention to detail. The plus side is if you're doing it right, you could rack up huge profits within just a matter of hours.


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INCOME DETERMINING FACTORS:  With affiliate Marketing your Income is determined to a degree by the niche that you choose, is it high value or low value your affiliate products top end or lower, what does your competition look like, the quality of your and content and crucially, how well you manage the drive people or traffic to your affiliate link and your Income depends on the products that you promote.   With Currency trading or Forex, your income will rely on how well you can predict the movement of the currency values. Currency or Forex volatility is something that you have no control over, and it can be triggered by competition and country's economy, and current events among other things. Your Income depends on how you judge that movement and the amount that you have invested.

COST TO GET STARTED: You can start with very little money, and you can potentially earn a lot.  All you need is somewhere to post your affiliate links.  You can pretty much start for free but I’d recommend you have your own website, and website hosting, a good CRM system to manage your email list.  With Currency trading, there is no legal minimum investment. But the more money you have, the more flexibility you will have to make larger profits.  You need a platform that you can use to make the trades and many times you can have that for free but you might need to pay a percentage commission for every trade you make.

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SUCCESS RATES: Suitable for beginners. There are not many things that affect your affiliate marketing that you can't do something about.  The real key is to get the right people in front of your offer.    Currency Trading has some external factors that we can never control, a vast number of people who engage in forex trading lost money but also it must be said that there are few people who made great money from Forex trading.


Most people with a dream of starting an online business don’t make any money online and it’s a sad fact that 95% of amateur currency traders lose their money within 2 years So whichever you pick you need something else to maximise your chances of being successful.

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