I Teach What I Do



I am an online Livestream video producer and host several of my own shows one of which  'Open For Business' I interview successful business owners and consultants about their journeys the ups and downs, challenges and successes they have achieved on their way to the top.  Other shows include 'Friday Freebie' and a digital teaching show.  

In the last few years, I founded Farnborough Internet Marketing, a digital agency and the sub-brand Get Clients with Video.  Helping businesses grow their brand and presence and in 2020, I launched a Facebook Group all about Manifesting,  growing it to over 1,000 members in 2 months, before gifting it to my Manifesting coach business partner.

I have a passion for teaching individuals and business owners and consultants on how to create instant authority and trust online across multiple digital platforms by creating a bountiful supply of online digital content and assets.


A Member of Mentors and The Digital Experts Academy I have enjoyed and continue to learn from the best Digital Marketers in the Industry from around the world. 

I am  passionate about creating video and the role it has to play for marketing businesses and individuals online. 

I’ve spent the last few years being trained by some of the most respected US video marketing influencers.  Having shared and helped other marketers create their own video I help the local businesses community overcome their fears and harness the incredible power of video marketing.  I team my passion for video with my passion for marketing, having gained accreditation with Digital Marker (the US leading digital marketing educator) as a Customer Acquisition Specialist (utilising all digital means for traffic and lead generation), a Social and Community Manager (managing all aspects of social media from listening to influencing to leading and soft selling) and a Customer Value Optimisation Specialist (creating a conversion funnel that reduces the cost of acquiring a customer while at the same time increasing the immediate and lifetime customer value).  This knowledge alone stands me and out from the crowd as the leading internet marketing specialist in the area.