Amazon Live Streaming Tips For Sellers With Amazon Livestream Influencer

Amazon Live Streaming Tips For Sellers With Amazon Livestream Influencer

Amazon Live Streaming Tips For Sellers With Amazon Livestream Influencer

if you're living anywhere other than the US, you're probably thinking what on earth is the Amazon livestream?

If you're an author with a book on Amazon, if you have products on Amazon, it doesn't matter whether it's physical drop shipping, or whether it could be Amazon KDP. And that could be anything from what we call low content, or no content books may be puzzle searches, even colouring books, which are available on Amazon, then this is a great opportunity for you to actually get out there and promote your own products. So not only will you actually drive people to your product pages and drive customers, but also you will be able to get commission on top of what you already get from your sales. So it's a win win scenario. And it's very similar to Facebook and YouTube and Instagram, in that you can create and build a following on Amazon.


What's So Special About Amazon Live Streaming?

But the big thing about Amazon live streaming,  what makes it stand out, and is probably the best, not even probably, the best video live stream platform at the moment is because Amazon is actively encouraging it.  They are they've seen what live stream selling has been doing in China, and live streaming is basically having your own QVC channel, your own TV channel. And that's why they brought it out in the States, it will be coming out in Europe, probably sometime in 2022. But it doesn't stop you from actually getting started. Now. This is on as opposed to But if you've got your products listed there, certainly if you're an author, so if you're in KDP, then the likelihood is you've got your products listed on as well.



Can You Build A Following With Amazon Live Streaming?

So what I do now is I'm gonna share my screen with you so you can actually see what it is I'm talking about. So what is Amazon live. So if we click on Amazon, the little hamburger and then you drop down to Programs and Features, you've got gift cards, foundational memes and the Amazon live, click on that. And you have live or recently live. So click on live and I will show you exactly what I am talking about. This is the live stream. And as you can see, this guy here is doing early Black Friday deals. The original Star Wars sale, which is interesting because he hasn't actually looked and looked like he's got any Star Wars things in his carousel. But what he is doing is that the French glow is what his channel is called the Amazon influencer program. So you can follow him click on this little button, you can follow it. And as you can see, he's live streaming showing off different products. And really importantly, he's got the products in his hand. So you know, Amazon can see and the consumers can see that he's actually got them he knows what he's doing. And then you've got the comments section as well. So you got comments, you can interact with the people that are watching you. Some of these messages, this is a great thing about Amazon automatically monitors the comments and if there are inappropriate comments, then they will remove them so you don't have to worry about that when you're live streaming. But as you can see people follow him so I'm excited for them. So it's picked up some great followers. And that's the great thing so same as YouTube, same as Facebook, same as Instagram, TikTok, you can build a following. The difference with Amazon, though, is this is a following that on Amazon, and people come to Amazon in order to buy!


Which Website Is The Most Trusted Website To Buy From?  I Believe It Is Amazon.

Amazon, if you don't know is the number one website in the world. And it's a website that actually contains more credit card details than anybody else. So people typically with Amazon, submit their credit card details. And so it's a one click sale, so they're ready to go. So let's have a look at this page. So what we've got here so we've got on the left hand side, there are people that you are following in click on see all so you see this my good friend, Steven Healy there. And lots of other people Coach Mike, he's a great guy. And all these people have their own nuts, David, you touch they all have their own channels. So you can click on David's as an example. And you can see his most recent life is up there. Any live streams pretty much every day is a great little show and he gets sent all sorts of products to show you so and that lists all his previous live streams which is really cool.

So that's all good. And then if you can go to his storefront. Then again on his storefront you can see click the button to follow him.

Got a great little banner got a great profile photo And he's got, these are great. These are pre-done videos. So if we click on one of these, this is will not be a live stream this will be able to videos. And these are his lists so you have lists of things that you can have on your stream. So any of those things you pop in, you can see. So camping gear as an example. This is all camping gear that has appeared in David's carousel. So yeah, so you can also create these little click on that bomb. So this is a nice little two-minute 34 almost like a little advert video. So you can't put the sound on. But yeah, that's it is Danny Ainge tube streaming 860 So it's the camera that he's using. And so he's busy demonstrating just exactly how good it is.


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