Are You Looking To Buy Bitcoin?

Let me tell you why Bitcoin value is rising so fast

Are you looking to buy bitcoin? 

Why do I ask? 

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Well, it's because today Bitcoin is up at $48,000 a coin. That is incredible. That is a huge rise over the last year. You think back this time last year, Bitcoin was valued at around about the $9,000 mark. In March last year, it dipped down to about four or $5,000 now it is up at over $46,000 that’s the value of a Bitcoin right now.  So the question is, how do you get hold of Bitcoin? And  Why is Bitcoin going so high? 


I take payments for my company, by receiving Bitcoin, I put it into a platform called Paxful and I can then make trades with people that will buy my Bitcoin for me at good prices. So it's not like I'm trading it on the markets, I'm just using it to buy and sell or to receive payment for my business and be able to pay myself.


so hold on. Let's, let's show you what's, what's going on here. Okay, in this in this corner here, this is Bitcoin. This is a Bitcoin day. So it goes up and down in a day and they rock at the moment. This is February the 14th and it is 1:50 PM in the UK in the afternoon. So bitcoins trading at 48,800 in the last week, it has gone up 23.32% Okay, that's just in the last week. Now it does fluctuate Of course, and obviously massive disclaimer here. I'm not recommending anyone to do anything. I'm just showing you the movement of bitcoins, I find it amazing. So in the last month it is increased by 37%. But here's where it gets really interesting in the last year this is what I'm saying last year it was March time last year it was down at 5000 might have even been lower than that $4,830 that's where it was trading at and then suddenly December 2021 and it spikes massively in December a little dip and then is going up again through January February. So you've got to ask yourself or I asked myself the question What on earth happened in December to make bitcoins so exciting? 


So I thought let's have a look at what was going on in December.  I just googled what happened in December?


Why investors say bitcoin's 2020 surge is not like 2017's


Q's course Why did bitcoins price surge More than 200% this year. So this is an article by Lila, Laughlin. And she wrote this back on December 24. And she says, went up over 200% seeing Bitcoin at 23,000. So you know, 23,000 in December, it was 23,000. Now it's 46,000. So what did happen? She compared it to what happened back in 2017. There was a big, big spike. But if you read this article, it goes into the telling you that, basically, there are some serious landmarks. And this,” Bitcoin landmarks have been tied to household brands that have attracted small individual. So PayPal announced that it would allow its customers to buy and sell Bitcoin on its site in October, the payments company square and Robin Hood stock trading platform entered the currency. And it's just more and more high-end trading platforms. It's becoming more and more the currency to have so it's getting very popular with a lot of people. 


Bitcoin Prices in 2020: Here's What Happened


So bitcoin price to bitcoin price what happened in 2020? Here's what happened. And this is an article coin desk. Bradley Qian, I'm not sure. But for many reasons, 2020 will enlarge in the future tech books on natural history. So you know, it's a again, he goes into all about Bitcoin. Economics, interesting comparison, Bitcoin returns versus gold, and s&p 500. You know, this, is huge. But of course, you know, this, and it's got so much momentum now.

That's a really interesting article. 


Will Bitcoin Continue to Rise? Crypto Experts Finixio Make Their Predictions


The question this guy's asking is will Bitcoin continue to rise crypto experts to make their predictions? And basically, their predictions are they believe it will? They're saying it can be volatile.


The rise of Bitcoin is driven by institutional investors. Large hedge funds and publicly traded companies are driving this bull cycle. And they don't present the same reputational drawbacks that retail investors do. So it's being bought into by some serious players. And there are there's an article there that is says Check out the Finnick CEO. So global news wire. 


Bitcoin Price Hits Record After Tesla Buys


Of course, when they talk about serious players, serious players driving the market, they don’t get more serious than this man here of course. 


So bitcoin price hits record afterTesla buys Bitcoin. How much did they buy? 


here we go the company disclosing its annual report on Monday that it had purchased 1.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency as partnership began last month to invest in alternative assets, digital currencies gold bullion and expected to begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in the near future


As I said earlier, I can take Bitcoin as payment quite happily,  But when people like Elon Musk are buying it in the billions, well make your own mind up.  Just have a look at Bitcoin. I'm not suggesting you buy any, that is up to you.

Now, where can you get hold of Bitcoin?


There is an organisation called the a philanthropic networking organisation where you can donate $120 and potentially turn that into $220,000 which you can then use for a variety of good causes.  The one-off fees and donations are paid in Bitcoin and dispersed in Bitcoin which makes it an excellent gateway to start your journey.


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