5 Points To Consider When Choosing Between Affiliate Marketing V’s Currency Trading

5 Points To Consider When Choosing Between Affiliate Marketing V's Currency Trading.


Are you sick of leaving your wife and kids every day to go to a job where you feel undervalued and demotivated?  When you actually dream of working for yourself where you control your time and can spend it with those you love.

You're probably worried about how you would pay the mortgage and provide for your family if you didn't have that monthly paycheck to keep you afloat.  And you probably realise the everyone's job is getting more insecure by the day and you’re thinking you're trapped with no way out.   You're probably thinking are there truly viable ways of replacing your income and can you really make it work for you? And that's got you in a frustrating trap of fear?   If that's you, then stick around for a few moments and I will show you how you can break free of your boss, using a couple of very effective side hustles that you've probably never considered before.

Affiliate Marketing and Currency Trading are two of the most popular side hustles around today and they are both really good for guys over 45 and if you get it right then both can be really profitable and scalable, which means the dream of generating a second income so you can leave your job and be a hero to your kids suddenly becomes a reality.  But here's the thing, they both have their advantages and disadvantages so let's take a look at which would be best to start.

FLEXIBILITY & EASE OF OPERATION: A lot of affiliate marketing you can set and forget so you don't have to monitor it by the second continually. However, you need to spend some time creating content and getting traffic or visitors to your website or channel and ranking your content in search engines to get it seen.  Trading in forex requires meticulous monitoring and keen attention to detail. The plus side is if you're doing it right, you could rack up huge profits within just a matter of hours.


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INCOME DETERMINING FACTORS:  With affiliate Marketing your Income is determined to a degree by the niche that you choose, is it high value or low value your affiliate products top end or lower, what does your competition look like, the quality of your and content and crucially, how well you manage the drive people or traffic to your affiliate link and your Income depends on the products that you promote.   With Currency trading or Forex, your income will rely on how well you can predict the movement of the currency values. Currency or Forex volatility is something that you have no control over, and it can be triggered by competition and country's economy, and current events among other things. Your Income depends on how you judge that movement and the amount that you have invested.

COST TO GET STARTED: You can start with very little money, and you can potentially earn a lot.  All you need is somewhere to post your affiliate links.  You can pretty much start for free but I’d recommend you have your own website, and website hosting, a good CRM system to manage your email list.  With Currency trading, there is no legal minimum investment. But the more money you have, the more flexibility you will have to make larger profits.  You need a platform that you can use to make the trades and many times you can have that for free but you might need to pay a percentage commission for every trade you make.

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SUCCESS RATES: Suitable for beginners. There are not many things that affect your affiliate marketing that you can't do something about.  The real key is to get the right people in front of your offer.    Currency Trading has some external factors that we can never control, a vast number of people who engage in forex trading lost money but also it must be said that there are few people who made great money from Forex trading.


Most people with a dream of starting an online business don’t make any money online and it’s a sad fact that 95% of amateur currency traders lose their money within 2 years So whichever you pick you need something else to maximise your chances of being successful.

What I did was I got myself some great training from SFM and the Digital Experts Academy which gave me vital knowledge on how to successfully create a profitable online business.  The training and support are second to none and we are a community of digital entrepreneurs working daily on the cutting edge of available technology generating second incomes and passive incomes to financially secure the futures of our families.

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Side Hustles That Actually Work In 2021

Are you tired of the pain of having to go to work every single day? Only to realise you hate what you do? 

You know, maybe you‘ve realised you don’t want to do this job for the next 25 years? Maybe you come home and you’re drained and you don’t even have the energy for the kids And you’re ready for the solution where you can make money on the side and eventually leave your job and do the things in life that you really love.   I’d like you to stick around for a few moments so I can show you how you can make a great income right from home using a free piece of software you’ve probably never heard of before.

OK so let’s dive into 3 different side hustles that make you money using one piece of free software and that software is CANVA.COM and the 1st side hustle companies are crying out for, is Social Media Content. Companies pay good money to be provided with good quality images for their social networks and there is more than enough to go around.  What if I told you, you could easily charge $10 per image that takes you 10 minutes to produce?  That’s exactly what one of my clients pays and on average they need 40 per month. 

The biggest problem or worry companies and Social Media Managers in particular have, is running out of content.  You can solve that problem for them, making a good side income using free software that they probably have but don’t know how to use.  And If you pay the $10 a month subscription you get access to hundreds of pre-made full customizable templates, which makes it even easier.  Do you think you could do that?

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The next little known Canva hack is that it has the ability to let you design T-Shirts which means you can print them on demand and ship them directly to your customer no holding stock, no worry about sizes, and no worry about having to spend out on inventory with money you don’t have.  Think about all the special occasion days or fun slogans you can create. And It gets better You can create an account with Amazon upload your designs and have them ready, in the worlds biggest online store to be purchased, printed, and shipped while you sit at home watching reruns of David Hasselhoff running in slow motion along the beach (Clip) and booking your next sunshine holiday.

And finally, there is a huge market still untapped, and that is called KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing, where you can self-publish your own book and make a healthy side income and have the Kudos of being a published author with sales!  I know what you’re thinking, but nick I can’t write a book, I’m not JK Rowling.  It’s ok, you don’t have to. You see for this side hustle the books you write are what we call no content books.  They are notebooks, and yes, we can use Canva.com to create them with an eye catching front cover and blank lined pages, and yes people buy blank books on Amazon.  Think about your favourite hobby or maybe your favourite pet and come up with a novelty or catchy title, here’s a couple of examples ‘I Might Look Like I’m Listening To You But In My Head, I’m Thinking About Golf.’ great as a Funny Christmas or Birthday Gift for Golf Lovers, or for cat lovers and there are millions of them, I. might Look like ‘I’m Listening To You But In My Head I’m Hugging My Cat.’  Really easy really straight forward and they sell for $6.  There are so many different ways you can play this and build up that extra side income and buy that designer watch you’ve been after   

So if you want the peace of mind that comes with having the security of not having to be reliant on your job, learn more about how to start earning a genuine side income or even replace your job, click the banner here and join my mentor Stuart Ross on his webinar where he explains the different options available and how you can get started quickly and easily. Click the banner below.

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Side Hustles That Actually Work For Men Over 45

Side Hustles that Actually Work For Men Over 45

Are you tired of working all the hours but not getting paid what you actually deserve? If you actually calculated all the hours you put in, your hourly rate is actually less than the team that works for you. You’re management, you can't claim the overtime, which will give you that lovely designer watch that you really want. If that's you, then stick around and I can show you how you can make more money than overtime will ever pay you using some side hustles that you probably haven't heard of, but will make you slicker than Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

Affiliate marketing

There's a side hustle that's not so well known, but it is great for men like you in their mid 40s and over.  Affiliate marketing is where you earn a percentage commission on products and services that finally provides you with a genuine side income that you're after. With affiliate marketing, you don't have the problem of spending out on stock and services, which means you can get started without having to spend money you haven't got. And without the risk of holding stock that you can't sell, you don't have the worry of shipping to customers or dealing with the returns. This means you can just relax and think about where you're going to spend those commission payments. With affiliate marketing, you'll first typically start promoting something that you already have and love, maybe golf shoes, or golf clothes, share that love with others, and those that want to have them as well you just give them your affiliate link. That's where the magic happens. And that's where you can get some serious income seriously quickly.

To learn more about all the Different Side Hustles that could work for you or to find out more about how a digital education can unlock seriously profitable income streams  click here to watch my mentor Stuart Ross explain how we can turn a crisis into an opportunity

Print On Demand

The next two side hustles I'm going to talk to you about are going to blow your way they are so simple, you won't believe how easy it is to do. So the next great side hustle that creates great income is print on demand. Sell your own merchandise, write your own checks, no stock, no going out to find suppliers because it's on-demand, you can cover orders of 110 100 1000 10,000. And it won't matter. Yes on demand. print on demand means there's no worries about having to stock different sizes. Small, medium, large XL, you're all covered makes no difference. Again, like affiliate marketing, you don't have to worry about shipping to customers or dealing with returns. So you can just focus on what you want to spend your money on. With print on demand, you can find and create your own branded products from t-shirts to flip flops, or thongs to backpacks mobile or cell phone covers, you set the price so you know the income you're gonna receive.

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Online Courses

Finally, here's one of the hottest side hustles around today. And it is particularly good for men in their mid-40s, particularly in management positions. Now, this side hustle costs a little bit of time. But once you're finished, it can pay you over and over and over again, it really is a do it once get paid forever. Creating your own online course is becoming huge and you can easily end up paying for that lovely holiday in the sun, you've been promising yourself.  Take what you're doing now or part of it and create a course teaching people how to do the same, you probably have a training manual you already give to new members of staff or new members of your team.  Take some of that information, shoot video on your smartphone, create some PDF, little course books that students can easily download and you have an online course up and running in no time at all.


So if you're ready to learn how to make a good side hustle income, and you want more money in your pocket to spend exactly how you like then here's what to do next, click this link which will take you to a four-part video training that is totally free and is hosted by my mentor, Stuart Ross, where he runs through a whole raft of different options that are available to you with some of the best online training there is in the world today. So take a moment and click one of the links and finally put an end to worrying about how to pay for your kid's education or how to pay for your daughter's wedding and start enjoying life with spare cash in your back pocket and that new watch on your wrist.

Are You Looking To Buy Bitcoin?

Let me tell you why Bitcoin value is rising so fast

Are you looking to buy bitcoin? 

Why do I ask? 

Read the article or watch the video

Well, it's because today Bitcoin is up at $48,000 a coin. That is incredible. That is a huge rise over the last year. You think back this time last year, Bitcoin was valued at around about the $9,000 mark. In March last year, it dipped down to about four or $5,000 now it is up at over $46,000 that’s the value of a Bitcoin right now.  So the question is, how do you get hold of Bitcoin? And  Why is Bitcoin going so high? 


I take payments for my company, by receiving Bitcoin, I put it into a platform called Paxful and I can then make trades with people that will buy my Bitcoin for me at good prices. So it's not like I'm trading it on the markets, I'm just using it to buy and sell or to receive payment for my business and be able to pay myself.


so hold on. Let's, let's show you what's, what's going on here. Okay, in this in this corner here, this is Bitcoin. This is a Bitcoin day. So it goes up and down in a day and they rock at the moment. This is February the 14th and it is 1:50 PM in the UK in the afternoon. So bitcoins trading at 48,800 in the last week, it has gone up 23.32% Okay, that's just in the last week. Now it does fluctuate Of course, and obviously massive disclaimer here. I'm not recommending anyone to do anything. I'm just showing you the movement of bitcoins, I find it amazing. So in the last month it is increased by 37%. But here's where it gets really interesting in the last year this is what I'm saying last year it was March time last year it was down at 5000 might have even been lower than that $4,830 that's where it was trading at and then suddenly December 2021 and it spikes massively in December a little dip and then is going up again through January February. So you've got to ask yourself or I asked myself the question What on earth happened in December to make bitcoins so exciting? 


So I thought let's have a look at what was going on in December.  I just googled what happened in December?


Why investors say bitcoin's 2020 surge is not like 2017's


Q's att.com course Why did bitcoins price surge More than 200% this year. So this is an article by Lila, Laughlin. And she wrote this back on December 24. And she says, went up over 200% seeing Bitcoin at 23,000. So you know, 23,000 in December, it was 23,000. Now it's 46,000. So what did happen? She compared it to what happened back in 2017. There was a big, big spike. But if you read this article, it goes into the telling you that, basically, there are some serious landmarks. And this,” Bitcoin landmarks have been tied to household brands that have attracted small individual. So PayPal announced that it would allow its customers to buy and sell Bitcoin on its site in October, the payments company square and Robin Hood stock trading platform entered the currency. And it's just more and more high-end trading platforms. It's becoming more and more the currency to have so it's getting very popular with a lot of people. 


Bitcoin Prices in 2020: Here's What Happened


So bitcoin price to bitcoin price what happened in 2020? Here's what happened. And this is an article coin desk. Bradley Qian, I'm not sure. But for many reasons, 2020 will enlarge in the future tech books on natural history. So you know, it's a again, he goes into all about Bitcoin. Economics, interesting comparison, Bitcoin returns versus gold, and s&p 500. You know, this, is huge. But of course, you know, this, and it's got so much momentum now.

That's a really interesting article. 


Will Bitcoin Continue to Rise? Crypto Experts Finixio Make Their Predictions


The question this guy's asking is will Bitcoin continue to rise crypto experts to make their predictions? And basically, their predictions are they believe it will? They're saying it can be volatile.


The rise of Bitcoin is driven by institutional investors. Large hedge funds and publicly traded companies are driving this bull cycle. And they don't present the same reputational drawbacks that retail investors do. So it's being bought into by some serious players. And there are there's an article there that is globenewswire.com says Check out the Finnick CEO. So global news wire. 


Bitcoin Price Hits Record After Tesla Buys


Of course, when they talk about serious players, serious players driving the market, they don’t get more serious than this man here of course. 


So bitcoin price hits record afterTesla buys Bitcoin. How much did they buy? 


here we go the company disclosing its annual report on Monday that it had purchased 1.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency as partnership began last month to invest in alternative assets, digital currencies gold bullion and expected to begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in the near future


As I said earlier, I can take Bitcoin as payment quite happily,  But when people like Elon Musk are buying it in the billions, well make your own mind up.  Just have a look at Bitcoin. I'm not suggesting you buy any, that is up to you.

Now, where can you get hold of Bitcoin?


There is an organisation called the f2sfund.com a philanthropic networking organisation where you can donate $120 and potentially turn that into $220,000 which you can then use for a variety of good causes.  The one-off fees and donations are paid in Bitcoin and dispersed in Bitcoin which makes it an excellent gateway to start your journey.


You can find out more about it or book a discovery call with me by emailing nick@nickwood-online.com


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Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below.