How to make money from Home

How To Make Money From Home Without A Website

How To Make Money From Home Without A Website


Do you want to work from home but you’re stuck because you think you need a website to start a profitable side hustle?

It’s true, Side hustles are one of the best ways to quickly pay off debt, save for retirement, or simply minimise financial stress so you can live your best life. And the best side hustles are flexible and can continue to be profitable without having to commit to spending a lot of time working them.  If that’s you and you are serious about making more money and having less stress read this blog or watch the video and you can start a great home based side hustle really fast.  While most of the side hustles I tell you about can easily be expanded into a much larger business, they are designed so that you can work as little or as much as you wish when just starting out.

So without further delay, let’s begin!



Create Video Tutorials

People are always looking for how-to videos that show them how to achieve a goal, complete a task or simply to learn something new. This makes video tutorials extremely profitable and with platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, it’s easy to quickly build a channel and generate quality traffic quickly (and at little to no cost).

To begin, consider the type of content you would like to create, particularly what skills or knowledge you possess that could be turned into video tutorial content. Then, spend some time reviewing existing video tutorials in that niche on YouTube in order to get familiar with the style, tone and voice that established creators are offering to their audiences.

This is when you’ll also want to decide on your overall video tutorial format, such as whether you’ll create an explainer video, presentation-style video, or perhaps a screencast video. You will also want to create a storyboard or script that guides you through the video. This will minimize errors and help your video flow so that people stay engaged.

Filming is easy, just use your phone and there are plenty of free editing software packages available and some low cost but very good packages like Camtasia that allow you to capture you and your screen to make life really easy.

This is so simple just using what you know and sharing it with others.

And this leads nicely to the next at home money making side hustle...


Offer Online Training

Similar to creating video tutorials based on your knowledge and skills, you can take things a step further by creating online courses and training programs.  Students will pay for access to your training which can be delivered a number of ways including through one of the popular course platforms like or

When it comes to creating your training material, you can choose to develop video-based lessons, text lessons or a combination of both.

Courses are big business! People are earning millions of dollars a year just by offering simple courses that help people learn a new skill. Your course doesn’t have to be all that extensive either. In fact,often it’s a case of, less is more, because students only want to spend their time learning the most necessary steps or components in order to achieve their goals.

And if you think you aren’t qualified to create a course, think again! People are purchasing courses on almost any topic imaginable. So, begin by analysing your personal skills and interests and come up

with a handful of ideas that you can later qualify.

For example, perhaps you’re good at bookkeeping, or you know how to lose weight or create videos. All of these things are valuable skills that others would pay good money to learn.

Bonus Tip  And if you really want to scale up and make serious income offer some additional coaching with a 30 – 90 day package where you can hold their hand and help them to the next step

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Another really simple home side hustle that doesn’t require you to have a website is  Self-Publishing

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Platform makes it easy for anyone to get published without the need to send query letters to publishers in the hope of being picked up. In fact, with a free Amazon KDP account, you can instantly publish a book in countless markets, including fiction & nonfiction.

To start, consider the different topics that you are personally interested in and have experience with. Are you a fan of nonfiction such as historical, romance, or fantasy? Consider writing a short story or a guide to where you live and then once you’ve cut your teeth on publishing, you could extend it into a full-length novel.  Or are you experienced with popular nonfiction topics such as self help, business, finance, or personal development? These are some of the bestselling genres on Amazon.

And if you aren’t skilled at writing, don’t let this stop you from taking advantage of this profitable side hustle. You can easily create a quick outline of your story and outsource the writing to ghostwriters on marketplaces like or

And keep in mind that self-publishing doesn’t just involve fiction You can make money publishing what is called “low content” books on Amazon. These are products such as planners, calendars, notebooks and more. Not only do these sell all year, but they take very little time to create once you get the hang of it.

And you can save even more time by going to buying a monthly pro subscription for $10 and access all their pre-made templates.  Just change the colours, fonts and logos and you're good to go.


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