Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Guys Make When Starting Out

The 5 Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Guys Make When Starting Out – Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

5 Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Guys Make When Starting Out


If your affiliate marketing side hustle isn't producing the income and results you really want, you're probably making one of these really simple mistakes. You've probably read Affiliate Marketing For Dummies and are now thinking about why affiliate marketing does not work.  And I share the pain and frustration. The whole point of a side hustle income is it's supposed to be an income. And sometimes you can spend more money than you're actually earning. So stick around. And in this blog (or watch the video), I will show you the five biggest mistakes people make when starting out an affiliate side hustle income. And if you don't make these mistakes, your affiliate side hustle income will run as smooth. As Don Johnson standing on Miami Beach.


  1. Looking For The Biggest Ticket Item
  2. Picking the Wrong Niche or Product
  3. Skimp On Digital Assets
  4. Not Enough Keyword Research
  5. No Email Capture and Follow up
  6. Bonus – Not Having A Good Training / Digital Education



Looking For The Biggest Ticket Item

The biggest mistake people make when they start an affiliate marketing side hustle is you go to Amazon and you sign up with Amazon's affiliate program, you then go into Amazon and find the biggest ticket items that you can buy, and you start getting those links. Maybe you've heard that there's a real market for men's expensive watches. So you go into Amazon, there are lots of watches over £1000 and you grab your affiliate link, and start to put it all over your social media. But guess what, who do you know, that is actually going to spend £1000 or $15,000 with someone they have never seen before in their life, just because they have a little link that they've put on the internet?  You have set yourself up for failure. And that leads us to the second big mistake people make.


Picking the Wrong Niche or Product

I have made this myself, picking a niche or product you know about.  I’d seen some friends that were really doing great work in the dating niche. And so I thought that's the way to go. I decided to go down the dating niche and picked Russian and Ukrainian dating. Unfortunately, I knew nothing about Russian and Ukrainian dating and therefore I had nothing of value to give the people that were coming to visit my site. I even created a Facebook page, which is alive today with over 4,000 followers. But to this day, no one is clicking the link to sign up for the affiliate product. So, pick a niche or a product you know about that you're passionate about and you can talk about.  You can actually give great value and once you've picked the product or niche that you're passionate about the next thing to do, and the next big mistake is people skimp on their digital assets.


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Skimp On Digital Assets

You know what it's like, there are freebie websites and freebie hosting out there, which don't allow you to do everything you want to do. If you want to make an affiliate marketing side hustle work, you need to have your own domain names and your own hosting, because then you can build out your websites and your blogs and create content. This is the big mistake people make. We need to create content that's going to build up our trustworthiness. Show people our knowledge and that way people will get to know, like and trust us and potentially buy from us. They will believe us when we say this product is worth having. There is no excuse, you can buy a domain name for $10, if you get it over two years, you probably get it for a penny on the first year. Hosting you can get for as little as $5 a month. And that way you can host as many sites as you like. This gives you your own digital assets that you can then use to build multiple pages giving great value content and building relationships. But having built your blogs and your websites and your content, you need to let people know where it is. And this is the next biggest mistake people make is they do very poor keyword research.


Poor Keyword Research

Now you need to get the keywords people type into search engines, words and phrases in order to find information. And this is where we find our clients. So we need to do our keyword research. What is it that people are searching?  Use Uber suggest, Tubebuddy, Google AdWords, all these have got free search engines, or even just type phrases into the Google search bar and see the drop-down list that comes when you do that.  Also if you type in what you think people are searching, scroll down that first page of Google and at the bottom, Google will show you other related search terms.  You want to create content around those search terms because you know, people are looking for them.

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No Email Capture And Follow Up

And then the fifth biggest mistake people make is not having an email follow-up system. You need to capture people's email addresses. That way you can then give them super, super value and nurture and build a relationship with a potential client.  Lead with value let people have something for free in exchange for their email address.  For me, here, we've got access to a free four video training series, or you can access my free book, Side Hustles That Actually Work In 2021. In both of those, there is a ton of free information, which is certainly worth someone's email address.


Affiliate marketing without any training

And the bonus Mistake number six now is people try affiliate marketing without any training.  Maybe you just watched a couple of YouTube videos with some crazy gurus, I wouldn't recommend that. You need some solid training to understand the building blocks of what you need to do and at least give yourself the chance of success.


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If you're still asking is affiliate marketing for dummies?  or Why does not affiliate marketing work?  I'm happy to tell you it certainly does still work, you probably need some extra training.


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