The Best Side Hustles For Men

The Best Side Hustles For Men 2021

THe Best Side Hustles For Men

So you may be asking yourself, which side hustles really work in 2021.  In this article I'm going to cover lots of different side hustles to check which are working best, which side hustles to avoid and which are the easiest to start.  I compare  Affiliate marketing and Dropshipping, Print on demand, Freelancing, FBA, Livestreaming.  Every side hustle has been done by me or a close friend active with the  Digital Experts Academy.

Side Hustles inclueded Are :

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Drop Shipping
  3. T-Shirt Printing
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Currency Trading
  6. FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon)
  7. KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)
  8. Print On Demand
  9. Arbitrage
  10. Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing V'S Amazon FBA

In this Video I Compare two side hustles, affiliate marketing and FBA.  Judging them in 4 separate categories.

  1.  The Flexibility and ease of operation.
  2. Income determining factors.
  3. the cost of getting started.
  4. the success rates.

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3 Free Side Hustle Income Streams

OK so let’s dive into 3 different side hustles that make you money using one piece of free software and that software is CANVA.COM and the 1st side hustle companies are crying out for, is Social Media Content. Companies pay good money to be provided with good quality images for their social networks and there is more than enough to go around.  What if I told you, you could easily charge $10 per image that takes you 10 minutes to produce?  That’s exactly what one of my clients pays and on average they need 40 per month.
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