Trapped in a life that is making you miserable

Trapped In A Life That Is Making You Miserable? Read This Now

45 In A Job You Have No Desire To Work

Are you wondering 🤔 how you can escape being trapped in a life that is making you miserable?  This video is raw and an example of taking a risk, failing, hitting rock bottom but staying in the fight and finding the help and answer you need.

If you are 45 in a job you have no desire to work in for the next 20 years but are scared of making a change, this is my story.  I hope it will give you insight as to what is possible.

When I was 45 it looked like I had it all.  I had a great job with great pay, my income was tax free and I didn’t pay rent or utilities.  Due to the nature of my work mostly I worked from home a lot of the time before it became the new normal.  My boss was based in the London office 500 miles away and he hated flying, so left me mostly to my own devices.  I was really good at what I did and anyone looking at me from the outside would think I was having a great time.  The fact I regularly flew from Germany to the UK  several times a month gave the impression of some jet set glamour, but the truth is, it was not what it was cracked up to be.

Working From Home Before The Virus

The ability to work from home was both a blessing and a curse.  My colleagues in London were jealous and skeptical that I was ‘putting in the hours.  The truth was that I was putting in way more hours than they were, as I didn’t have the daily commute which would waste 3 hours of their day.  Working autonomously I also had little support and little social interaction so I felt exposed in a job I was actually doing well.  To me I felt massively insecure,  I was writing and pricing multi-million-pound contracts but felt I was a fraud.  Who was I to create these statements of requirements, payment structures, terms and conditions?  


The reality of my jet-set life was I would not sleep the night before I flew as I needed to leave at 4 am to get the first flight and be in London in the morning, then I would stay in the office as late as I could leave it to catch the last flight back and be home before midnight.


I felt trapped in a lifestyle that was making me miserable, keeping me away from my family in the UK.  I had no life, I would come home tired.  I would spend weekends recovering by eating too much and drinking to numb the feelings of despair I had in my head.  My quiet frustration of being in a situation I felt I had no control over.  I could see no way out and I lived my life in fear I would screw up and lose my job.

Never Leave Your Future In Someone Else's Hands.

The light at the end of the tunnel was that the last contract I wrote would actually be the last.  and in 2014 I had the choice, to either stay in the job and wait for a redundancy cheque or come back to the UK and do something different.  I chose to be proactive, I knew I didn't want to be stuck doing the same job for another 20+ years.   I didn’t know what I was going to do but I knew I had to do something.  When I resigned, my boss and colleagues in London were incredulous.  I was leaving one of the UK’s oldest and most trusted Charities.  Why would I leave that security?  Ironically within 6 months of my resigning both my boss and colleague that had worked in the Charity for 50 years between them, were replaced.  A new CEO decided that he wanted new blood and set about removing some long-time employees.  You just do not know what is around the corner. 

There was a lesson right there, never to leave your future in someone else's hands.

I Really Wish I Knew Then What I Know To Be True Now

Having taken a leap of faith and having some savings behind me, I now needed to find my new path.  Having spent so much time in Airports I was able to read a great many books and a lot of them, inspirational and motivational.  Old authors like Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murray, Wallace Wattles and newer ones, Rhonda Burns “The Secret’,  Zig Ziglar and the one that really got me thinking Tim Ferris ‘The 4 hour Work week’, with the tag line Escape the 9 to 5, live anywhere and join the new rich.  It introduced me to the idea of working for myself using the internet to make an income.  

Could it really be true?  

I’d seen and read about it, but I had no experience other than what I have read and seen.  Could I do it?  

I really wish I knew then what I know to be true now.  

Starting a business that you know nothing about, and think you can learn along the way is not an easy journey.  In fact, it’s foolish to attempt to do it alone.  The sheer volume of learning required is just overwhelming and with no one there to show you the way, mistakes and errors of judgment are inevitable.  


I had swapped the fear of failure for actual failure as I  slowly watched my bank balance empty.


Sometimes the Universe or fate steps in. By chance I got talking to a businesswoman while on a seminar we laughed at my less than impressive efforts and results online when she suddenly said “ I am a member of an amazing community of online entrepreneurs that support each other and learn together to achieve the results and lifestyle you are looking for, If you’d like, I’ll send you a link and details”   

Click This Link Here To See What I Saw

That Moment Was The Change And Difference.

I kid you not, that moment was the change and difference.  

I suddenly found myself introduced to like minded people that were successfully doing what I was trying to achieve.  I was surrounded by people that also wanted to build businesses based on their passions, and the belief was tangible and contagious.  Where I was frustrated and despondent I now had my beliefs re-ignited.  I began to dream again of what was possible.   I got the focus and discipline and the guidance that was missing.  Where my mind was full on anxiety and fear it changed to belief and expectation.  I could see others succeeding on their journeys and sharing freely how they got there.

I watched some videos and honestly I still watch them of my mentor, explaining how to build a business online.  It blew my mind.  Not only did he teach, he explained the model.  There was also really well written step by step guides to follow, that anyone can use.

I have come to realise that these blueprints, concepts, and the community,  were the missing pieces of the jigsaw.  I have absolute faith that they will work for anyone prepared to put the time and effort into studying and implementing them and that is why I’m so passionate about sharing them.

What If You Do Nothing?

I was stuck, my wife and family were worried about my health and sanity.  I was working all hours with no results.  I was scared and embarrassed that I had really lost everything chasing a dream that had turned my life into a nightmare.  I was as low as a man can get.  But let  me tell you what I know,  if you still dream of taking control of your life but are scared, to take the first step.  If you're worried about paying your mortgage and bills if it doesn’t work out, I understand, I’ve been there.  If your worried that taking control of your life will leave you even less time with your family, it will at the beginning that’s true but you don't spend enough time with them already. 

But what if you do nothing?  

Nothing will change.  The same fears and anxieties will be with you, but also now, a feeling of regret because you had a choice.  These feelings will grow with every passing year.  You will always wonder “what if I had only taken a chance?” Watched the free training and taken action 

Or, In five years from now maybe sooner, you could have everything you want.  You could have peace of mind from the security that controlling your own income provides.  No more worry about bills to pay.  You could have a relationship with your wife and kids that others can only dream about.  What could you do with them if you had more time? What sort of a role model you could be for your children and grandchildren? Showing them not just telling them anything is possible if you dream it.


I hope you understand that this is a life-changing opportunity for you. It's up to you now to take it.  Let me show you the way, click the link here and unleash your full potential.


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